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Flemming Lassen.

The original chair was designed in 1940 by Flemming Lassen. The chair was designed by Master carpenter Jakob Kjær, who designed much of Flemming Lassen’s furniture for the carpenter’s guild annual furniture exhibition.

The charming little easy chair is named after Flemming and Mogens Lassen’s mother the artist Ingeborg Winding. Ingeborg is a perfect match for Vilhelm, the new sofa by Lassen, named after the brothers’ uncle, the decorative artist Hans Vilhelm Lassen. It’s a beautiful reunion of Vilhelm and Ingeborg.

Despite its petite size, Ingeborg brightens any room with its charm and exclusive style. Ingeborg looks beautiful from all angles, which means it can be placed anywhere in a room without taking up too much space.


Designs of the 1930s produced a number of rare and important pieces of furniture by Flemming Lassen. It is furniture that unites a dedication to craftsmanship with a soft, almost naive style.

This includes Flemming Lassen’s iconic upholstered armchair ”The Tired Man”, the Vilhelm sofa, both from 1935, and also “Ingeborg”, which by Lassen is now relaunching. One common feature is the open wings, which is a characteristic go all Flemming Lassen’s chairs. They manage to be chubby, functional and sculptural at the same time.

The dimensions emphasise why Flemming Lassen was one of the main forces behind functionalism in Denmark. He was responsible for the true functionalism, where practicality and design merge.


Has its main office and production facilities in the small Danish provincial town of Holstebro . by Lassen’s vision is to continue the design legacy of the Lassen brothers in future generations. The art library possess a comprehensive archive of previously unknown designs and architecture by the brothers. They represent the finest of the Danish design tradition and deserves to see the light of day as beacons that continue to serve as inspiration for new design talents.

Which is why we take the greatest care in selecting the furniture classics we wish to present to the world once more. We manufacture each item with precision and respect for the original design, so they will hopefully live a long life for generations to come.

Ingeborg is made from Lassen’s own fabric and leather collection, which consists of selected textiles from Kvadrat and leather from Camo Leather. Shown above is a Bouclé fabric in Sacho Zero 001 and with buttons in Vegetal leather.

The legs are made of heartwood and are supplied in either soap-treated or smoked oak.

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