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Mingle, 'Jazz' fabric-Colours


Mingle, Marimba

Mingle, Marimba

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The Mingle sofa was designed in 1935 by architect Flemming Lassen (1902-1984) and was presented at the Cabinet Maker’s Autumn Exhibition in the same year. It was subsequently praised for its qualities as a small but elegant sofa in the professional journal “The Architect”. Flemming Lassen loved to travel, and he was often inspired by his journeys throughout Europe. He was very taken with both Italy and France, and had a burning desire to tour those countries on his motorcycle. Flemming Lassen wanted to create a sofa made for conversation with a comfort that invited people to stay seated and talk together for long periods of time. The armrests were designed to encircle the sitters, generating intimacy and transforming the sofa into a cosy place to relax. Flemming Lassen took inspiration from both French elegance and modern Italian style, and transferred the trends and his own ideas to a small, upholstered sofa called Mingle.


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  • Product: Mingle
  • Design: Flemming Lassen 1935
  • Height: 79 cm
  • Depth: 152 cm
  • Seat height: 45 cm
  • Leg width: 15 cm
  • Color: Colors on request
  • Material: Marimba

Architect Flemming Lassen (1902-1984) was a Modernist and part of the movement that brought Functionalism to Denmark. Flemming Lassen is particularly well known for his work with Arne Jacobsen on the award-winning House of the Future and Søllerød Town Hall, and his furniture has also achieved international recognition.

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