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Mingle, 'Fame standard' fabric-Colours


Conekt seat cushion, blans

Conekt seat cushion, tonus 4

SKU: 48052

Quick Overview

Inspired by the Conekt table, the Conekt Bench resizes Mogens Lassen’s design to place it in a new context. With an exquisite focus on details, the L shaped brackets make an eye-catching feature, while the bench’s square frame legs create a slim silhouette that has a light and timeless expression. The Conekt Bench is available with a cushion and free-hanging back rest in both textiles or leather that add softness and more organic forms to the finished design..


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  • Product: Conekt bench seat cushion
  • Design: Mogens Lassen 1975 / by Lassen 2017
  • Measurement: 36x110mm
  • Colour: Tonus 4
  • Material: Tonus 4

Arkitekt Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) er blandt de store betydningsfulde danske arkitekter, en af pionererne indenfor dansk funktionalisme, og internationalt anerkendt for sin karakteristiske arkitektur. Mogens Lassen var inspireret af den tyske designskole Bauhaus, og de geometriske former gengives ofte i hans ikoniske designs.

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