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My Own Chair was actually Flemming Lassen’s favourite chair. It was made by master woodworker Jacob Kjær after Flemming Lassen’s design. He exhibited it at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition, where the chair attracted a lot of attention. Some praised it for its sculpture-like shape and its distinctive ‘wings’. Others thought it was ahead of its time and that the lines of the chair were too radical. The round support for the lower back provides maximum comfort and the wide wings give a feeling of privacy. The chair comes with a footstool, which together create a pleasant sense of relaxation and rest. Flemming Lassen’s own Own Chair was in his home until he passed away, and despite the wear and tear, the chair was sold at auction for around 1 million Danish kroner (approximately €120,000).

The iconic lounge chair is made in many beautiful colors in the following materials: Leather, Sahco Zero (65% cotton, 20% acrylic, 15% polyester) or Raf Simons (94% wool, 6% nylon). Each gives a new expression to the iconic lounge chair.

My Own Chair lounge chair, designed by Flemming Lassen in 1938, was originally only made in one edition. The iconic lounge chair was first exhibited at the Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition. Later the lounge chair became the preferred lounge chair for all Mogens Lassen’s family members in his private home. As a result, the lounge chair was named “My Own Chair”.

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